Relation between Apex Application, Database Scheme and Workspace

Most Apex beginners are confused with the relationship of Application, database Scheme and Workspace. To lighten this situation picture 1 depicts an arbitrary example of a possible realisation.

For instance there are three departments (Logistics, Sales and Purchasing). Let us assume that department Logisitcs has three different Apex Applications called App A, App B and App C. Every application has its own parsing scheme. But one Scheme can reside in different Workspaces, depicted for Scheme III which resides in Workspace 1 and Workspace 2. Forthermore one Scheme can correspond to one or more applications, also visible for Scheme III with App C, App D and App E. And lastly a single workspace can have one or more Schemata and its corresponding Applications.

Relation Application, Scheme and Workspace
Picture 1: Relationship between Application, Scheme and Workspace

In other words:

  • one application must have one scheme
  • a particular scheme may exist in multiple workspaces
  • a particular schemeĀ may exist in multiple applications
  • a single workspace can accommodate multiple schemata
  • a single workspace can accommodate multiple applications
Picture 2: Relationships

Lastly is the definition of a Workspace a logical grouping.

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